One of the benefits of a Naming Ceremony is that you can involve not only your family members but your closest friends too.  An important part of this is choosing the right people to play a special role in your child’s life.

In religious sections of our community these special people are referred to as Godparents, the sponsors of a child’s baptism, but in these modern times we have many alternative names to use, including:

  • Good Parents
  • Guide Parents
  • Odd Parents
  • Shining Stars
  • Mentors
  • Guardians   – or you may even have a name of your own.

Katie’s blog post on The Celebrant Directory entitled What Do We Call The Godparents at A Naming Ceremony might also help.

A typical Baby Naming Ceremony will include Promises from the Goodparents, the Parents, and Grandparents of the child, as well as perhaps Aunties, Uncles and other siblings or cousins.  It’s fabulous when the whole family gets involved!  There are really no limitations on the number of people who can take an active role in your ceremony, and we positively encourage as many of your friends and family to get involved, for a truly personal and memorable Ceremony that will have people talking about it for months or years to come.